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Review – Rise of the Sparrows

IMG_20171130_104053Book Review – Rise of the Sparrows by Sarina Langer

5 Stars! – Rise of the Sparrows – A fantasy, with a foot set firmly within the realms of a dark medieval land, where magic and sorcery are outlawed through fear and one Kings necessity to keep order. Where the gifted are shunned, discarded and murdered as infants. In shadows they live, in hiding, they survive on their gifts and wits. However, there comes an uprising.

Brilliant! Firstly, I have to say, being high fantasy, this is a little out of my normal reading genre. However, it is this simple fact that made it this even more of a fabulous read. I loved it! A triumph as a debut novel and a great accomplishment, and a testament to the author’s ability.

As an author, Sarina Langer’s style is clear, crisp, to the point, with an individual flair for phrasing and structure. This was perfect within the realms of a story packed with dark peril and excitement. Sarina keeps you travelling at a great pace, with just enough descriptive narrative to give you scenic bearing but it’s never overdone, this enables the reader to paint in the rest, leaving the book in your hands, a personal one.

Sarina Langer’s books are available from Amazon. You can find out more about Sarina on her Website. You can also follow her on social media Twitter  Facebook  Instagram

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IMG_20171101_132147_906As well as being sold worldwide with Amazon…

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