The Manningtree Account

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A Novella – Modern Gothic Horror

It was our first case in Manningtree.
A town with a black past. It bears a mark in history it would rather forget—a forerunner to Salem. Harking back to a time when life was cheap, and superstition consumed the hearts of God-fearing folk.

We deal with the dead.
With the lost and disorientated. My name is Alex, I document, carry the heavy equipment—I’m the muscle. And Heather, well, she is the real deal, she has a direct line to the spirit world.

We have one rule—never work on Halloween.
There are too many weirdoes about, not to mention the dead. I should have known better, but I felt compelled to take this account. ‘Just this once, I said, just this once Heth, how bad can it be?’

Yes, it was our first time in Manningtree…
and it would be our last.

“It skillfully weaves truth and fiction together to create a paranormal tale of revenge from beyond the grave and evil deeds that refuse to stay buried.” – Julia Blake, author of The Book of Eve

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